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Fearless Hydrant

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Who is Fearless? What or who does he represent? We get these and a few other questions pretty often. If you have heard some of our interviews we always try to tell the story of how Fearless came about. Lets start from the begining of Black Smoke Apparel. We wanted a logo that had a real meaning to us, to Black Smoke Apparel customer and to the Fire Service. The department we work for has a lot of history. Established in 1877 and has had its own fire mechanic shop for over 100 years. One of the many things our department came up with was the "Fresno Fire Hydrant" Started in 1935 and installed in the City up to the year 1965. The local foundry would stamp them out, the Fire Shop would put them together and the city water department would install them. The city still has many of them in service today. We felt that the Fresno Hydrant would be perfect. Black Smoke Hydrant originated with the 3 bolts up top, the 4.5" cap and 3 bolts on the bottom. When you turn it side ways it spells out E 0 3. That is where Black Smoke Apparel was born. In the back seats of Downtown Engine, E03 is where the idea and plan came to start Black Smoke Apparel.  Come to the month of "Movember" and our crew along with many crews around us all started growing our mustaches. So we put a mustache on the Fresno Hydrant and guys and girls loved it. This became the first hydrant with a mustache and people loved the story. Now how did he get his name? (This part really sucks!) On March 10,2016 our best friend and crew Captain passed away in off duty accident. He was given the nickname "Fearless" long before he was our Captain. A senior FF in our department was his FF and always called him their "Fearless Leader" When he passed away we wanted to carry his name as far and as wide as we could. So we decided to name our "Fresno Hydrant" with a mustache "FEARLESS" So every shirt, sticker, hat, tattoo and Fearless Hydrant Crew gear that is out there is part of our Captain. Captain - Dan Lopez-Galvan is a part of all of us through Fearless. Fearless is not just based on "concepts" or made up on a napkin in a restaurant. He is made from a real person, place and fire service history. We were asked on our facebook page why we don't give him a cigar, well we can't support one of the two most important subjects in the fire service if we did that. PTSD  and Cancer. Fearless can't smoke a cigar as a logo and then support Black Smoke Decon Wipes and Towels. Just like you would not use a Halligan with a Pike head axe! That would not make sense. Captain Fearless has a red traditional helmet and we set it up just like our Captain left his helmet. So when you see Fearless now you know. 

Black Smoke Rewards! Black Smoke Bucks

BRAND NEW Black Smoke Rewards Program!How to Earn Black Smoke Bucks! Share on Facebook and earnShare on Instagram and earnShare on Twitter and earn Buy More, Earn moreSend a friend your own personal promo code. You save and so do they!What's in it for you? Earn Black Smoke Bucks to purchase FREE apparel Earn Black Smoke Bucks to purchase FREE [...]

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Black Smoke Working Leather

Leather from Black Smoke Apparel. We often get asked, why do your products cost more than others? It is very simple! You get what you pay for."The Bitterness Of POOR QUALITY Is Remembered Long After The Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten"We choose to make all of our products with the best available leather and hardware [...]

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We are making room for Brand New designs! Summer T-Shirt Sale going on right now! Check out our SALE Section at www.blacksmokeapparel.com Shirts are ready to ship now! Come join the Black Smoke Apparel Crew today and get your Black Smoke Apparel.  NO PROMO CODE NEEDED!!!

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EMS Week Sale

May 20-26, 2018, is the 44th annual National EMS Week. In 1974, President Gerald Ford authorized EMS Week to celebrate EMS practitioners and the important work they do in our nation's communities. Black Smoke Apparel would like to say Thank You to all EMS Crews out there working hard! This week EMS Fearless shirts are on sale! [...]

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Black Smoke Apparel Leather

Black Smoke Apparel uses Full Grain Leather for all of Career Warranty Leather tools. What is Full Grain Leather???  The strongest and most durable part of the animal is right below the hair. The grain pattern in this part of the hide is very tight, and the leather made from here is called "full-grain" leather. Full-grain [...]

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How do you use your Anti Sway Strap?

Anti Sway Straps are made to keep your Fitted Radio Strap or Adjustable Radio Strap connected to you so when you are working your strap does not swing around loosely. (They come FREE with each Fitted Radio Strap or Adjustable Radio Strap purchase from Black Smoke Apparel) BUT, sometimes we get request to use our [...]

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Black Smoke says Thank You

We want to say thank you to all or our Black Smoke Crew Members. Thank you for your continued support of Black Smoke Apparel. We've enjoyed watching your stories on line and feel privileged that you chose us to be apart of it.Please keep the pictures coming and tell us your stories. 

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Black Smoke Friday SALE

Black Smoke Friday Sale!Promo Code - Black Smoke Friday 10 - 10% OFF all orders under $149Promo Code - Black Smoke Friday 15 - 15% OFF all orders for $150Promo Code - Black Smoke Friday 20 - 20% OFF all orders over $200Promo Code - New Year - 25% OFF all Custom Leather that will [...]

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**NEW PRODUCT** BS Tool Holder

The BS Tool HolderBlack Smoke Apparel designed tool holder. Holds your AXE, PIG, BADAXX, IRON FOX, Officers Tool, Halligan Bar or any other tool you can fit in it. Made to slide over your Bunker Belt, Truck Belt, Engine Belt, or SCBA Strap. Has snaps for 3 different sizes. 

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